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Homemade Rotis on Your Plate Using a Reformed Way of Roti Maker India

A meal is obviously not complete without hot and fluffy rotis. Fabiano, being the premier roti maker manufacturers, have developed a novel and innovative kitchen appliance known as roti maker. For the people who are completely busy with their work all day long and do not have the energy to make the rotis by standing by the fire for a long time, roti maker serves as a time saving device. Their work is reduced a lot when they use a roti maker in India.

As one of the trusted roti maker suppliers, we have designed the roti maker India by combining our profound experience in the industry and taking into consideration the experience of the actual users. The quality of the end product, that is, roti made by roti maker presented by one of the leading roti maker manufacturers and roti maker suppliers, is totally hygienic, soft and puffy with a great texture and taste. The machine is a value for money option for cooking the rotis as it saves on gas as well as on the manpower. Proper and uniform cooking is ensured by the heavy heating plates.

Demanding negligible maintenance, the roti making machine is quite simple to use. In addition to the homes, the roti maker in India strives to address the needs of nursing homes, hostels, canteens, etc. where chapattis are required to be made in bulk quantity. Yes, our roti maker India does not even take a minute for cooking a roti and one can imagine how many rotis will be prepared in short time and that too absolutely perfect tasting like the ones that are made at home.

Roti Maker
Tech Fabiano Roti Maker (RM-011)
Heavy heating plates, High quality

Model No. = RM-011


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