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Hand Blender India for Blending or Pureeing Ingredients in an Ultra-Fast Speed

If you are looking for a hand blender for your kitchen, then Fabiano, being the pioneering hand blender manufacturers, is the one-stop destination for your needs. Offering real value for money, our hand blender India is available in white color with 2 speed setting. The blender has a 200 Watt power output and comes to be handy when you need to blend ingredients for cooking a certain dish in any container, beaker, pot, bowl or pitcher, without any extra dishes to clean up and in a short span of time.

Hand blender in India crafted by us, one of the distinguished hand blender suppliers, is a versatile machine that can be used for carrying out several cooking functions such as mixing deserts, beating eggs, whipping cream, blending of sauces, mayonnaise, soups, smoothies and milkshakes. In addition, you do not have to put in any efforts for cleaning the hand blender India after use as you can simply dismantle it and put the appliance back after it dries. Moreover, you can get it for a small kitchen too as it is compact and takes up only a little space in your kitchen.

The hand blender in India designed by Fabiano, listed among the topmost hand blender manufacturers and hand blender suppliers, is just right the kitchen tool you need when you do not have much time and you need to puree the ingredients for gravy for vegetables, or for soups or make fresh fruit smoothies or blend cocoa for creamy hot chocolate and a lot more.

hand blender
Hand Blender (FAB HB 011)
Stainless Steel Blade, 200 Watt Motor, Detachable Mixing Rod, 2 Speed Switch

Model No. = FAB HB 011


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