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Welcome Soothing Warmth Indoors In Chilly Winters with Halogen Heater

Halogen heater, as the name indicates, uses the halogen technology for heating up a space. This product is especially of great importance in winters at homes when everyone longs for cuddling in the warmth of the quilts and blankets to get some relief from the chilling temperatures. But this is only possible when it is bedtime as all day long we all are occupied with our household chores of official work. This heater maintains a warm and cozy ambiance in the room by regulating the temperature levels.

Being the celebrated halogen heater manufacturers, our products have always been inspired by ingenious innovation and practical design. We take pride in introducing our treasured halogen heater India. Now you can easily carry on with your work without the need for putting up with the nail-biting chill in winters.

We, as one of the distinguished halogen heater suppliers, present halogen heater that is portable and enables the users to adjust the degree of temperature according to the need. The halogen heating elements start supplying heat as soon as you have switched them on. It is armed with the safety trip over switch that is basically meant for the safety of the small kids or pets at home. In case, the heater is knocked over by mistake, its power is automatically cut off.

The radiant heat provided by the halogen heater India put forth by one of the prominent halogen heater manufacturers and halogen heater suppliers is similar to that of the sunlight that warms up the room faster in comparison to other forms of heat. In addition to homes, this is also the ideal heating solution that can be used at workshops, cold conservatories and other industrial settings.

halogen heater
Halogen Heater (HH-3R)
3 Rod, Quartrize Heater, Safety Trip Over Switch

Model No. = HH-3R


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