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Gas Geyser

Save electricity and use a shockproof gas geyser

Gas geyser is water heating equipment, which makes use of Liquid Petroleum Gas for the heating function. It has far more advantages over an electrical geyser as power is costlier than gas and also, there is no fear of shock. The quantity of hot water that can be produced is unlimited unlike limited capacity in electric geysers.
Another reason is the time required to produce hot water in a gas geyser is much less than in an electric geyser.

Our well-regarded patrons can avail from us a comprehensive range of gas geysers. This range is provided with the capacity of 6liters and 10 liter.
Installed and used in a suitable manner, these gas geysers supply endless, piping hot water in an instant and, that too at very reasonable rates. Higher energy factor of this range results in a higher efficiency. These products strictly adhere to the safety norms and that’s why come with a flame failure and cut out device. Additionally, these can very well be substituted for electric geyser. Our company has fitted these gas geysers with modern and world-class quality equipments including stainless steel burners, highly dependable for its long lasting service. These products have a power coated body ensuring tensile strength. The characteristic feature of auto ignition makes this range a highly acclaimed range from Fabiano.
gas geyser
6 ltr. Gas Geyser
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10 ltr. Gas Geyser
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