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A woman's world is her home. And her kitchen is the reflection of her individuality. Something that lets her feels like a place of her own. She spends most of her daytime in the kitchen. She always wants her kitchen interiors to be just the way she likes.

Fabiano is a name trusted over for its creativity in ultra modern Designer kitchen's, quality and reliable Designer Gas Stoves, Electric Chimneys and Cooker Hoods and along with beautiful and multi-utility Kitchen Accessories to match your kitchen décor.

At Fabiano, we sell ideas with satisfaction, for enhancing the beauty and efficiency of every kitchen, weather you are planning a full-scale remodelling or simple changes to update the look of your kitchen. We provide you creative solutions for storage, innovative lighting ideas, state-of-the-art equipment, and layouts of optimal kitchen. We have the widest options from sleek, modern loft kitchens to cozy, country-style breakfast looks and from southwest-style open kitchens to roomy French Provincial kitchens.

A Gas Stove is most important component of a modern kitchen. Fabiano Gas Stoves have streamlined designs, versatile functions and are built with sound technical expertise for fuel-efficient cooking. Apart from its cozy designer looks, every step has been taken to match the prescribed safety norms to give you tension free cooking experience. That is why we have no hesitation in telling that Fabiano Gas stoves are manufactured where intelligence embraces style. where brains collide with beauty. where quality and safety is controlled with utmost simplicity. where the ultimate in practicality is encapsulated by breathtaking designs.

Health conscious people always go for hygienic food in life, but what about the state of hygienic atmosphere from where this hygienic food comes. As per the eating habits, Indian cooking requires lots of frying, which produces a lot of oil particles and gases into the kitchen. The oil, in the form of thick smoke, gets deposited all over the kitchen i.e. on kitchen cupboards, walls, ceiling, lights and switch boards etc. These oil deposits trap dust, which form a thick blackish coating, thus spoiling your expensive kitchen furniture, appliances, walls and curtains. This sticky mud like layer becomes almost impossible to clean. Under such a situation, your kitchen is as polluted as roads full of polluting vehicular traffic. So how can one think of healthy and hygienic food when there is no healthy and hygienic cooking environment. Fabiano introduces the New World Class Technology to overcome such problems. FABIANO'S latest series of Electric Chimneys brings to you the Italian way to keep your kitchen free from thick oily smoke, cooking smells and state odours thus giving a whole new experience and pleasure of cooking and a healthy and hygienic atmosphere to the housewife. These slender and modern design cooker hoods, having suction capabilities ranging from 350 m / h to 650 m / h, can be easily integrated in any kitchen space, on top of the gas stove at a distance of around 65 to 70 cm.


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